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Vision Care Services

Eyeglass examinations include an eye health exam of the interior and exterior of the eyes, assessment of eye teaming and coordination, testing for near, far and side vision, and testing for color vision and depth perception (3-D vision).
Contact lens exams include the eyeglasses exams plus determination of curvature of cornea, tear film adequacy, contact lens care and contact lens solution suitability, prescribing disposable or yearly contact lenses, single vision, astigmatism, bifocal or mono-vision contact lenses.
(Please bring your current eyeglasses and/or contact lens boxes, previous prescription or past medical records, list of current medications or bring your medical bottles/boxes. This will provide Dr. Hau useful information about your eyes.)



Professional Services fee policies:

We accept payment by cash, check and credit card/debit card, VISA, MasterCard or Discover. Payment is due at time of service. We do not sell contact lenses or glasses. We accept some vision plans. (Please let us know what vision plan you are using before the exam.)

Eye Doctor Hours:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday             10:00 am to 6:30 pm

Saturday                               10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Walk-in patients are always welcome when appointment times are available. Late/early appointments and other days are available upon request.
Please call to set up your appointment at 512-343-7000 or fill out our contact form.